Foto von Hand, welche einen Bauklotz hält, damit kleine Holzfigur über Holzbrücke laufen kann

You would like to learn more about disease prevention, health promotion and their latest developments in Bavaria? You are planning a project on health promotion in your community and need professional support?

Our association has supported health promotion and disease prevention for different lifestyles in Bavaria since 1973. Through our affiliation with almost 50 establishments and organizations, we are able to connect actors of the healthcare sector and develop strategic concepts and materials for good practice. As a central actor in this field, we also campaign for different topics in disease prevention and health promotion. As a non-profit organization, we are a central point of contact and panel for all individuals involved with disease prevention and health promotion in Bavaria.

The Bavarian Association for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (German: Landeszentrale für Gesundheit in Bayern (LZG)) is responsible for projects related to disease prevention and health promotion.