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The goal of the project “Linking of Employment Promotion and Health Promotion in the Community Setting” (LEHPC) (German: Verzahnung von Arbeits- und Gesundheitsförderung in der kommunalen Lebenswelt) is to reach unemployed people with sustainable preventive health measures in order to increase their chances to enter the labour market again.

Long term unemployment has been shown to be a health risk factor. Health-related limitations, in turn, complicate the integration into the professional world. With this nationally initiated model project, health insurance companies, employment agencies and job centers want to break this negative cycle by cooperating with each other and by working together with municipal support facilities.

The Bavarian Association for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (German: Landeszentrale für Gesundheit in Bayern) represents the Bavarian statutory health insurances in this project and is thereby responsible for the following tasks:

  • Leadership for the implementation of the project on behalf of the statutory health insurances
  • Support and consultation of the participating project locations
  • Initiation of local project management groups and representation of the statutory health insurances
  • Coordination of networking on a state level and Bavarian representation on a national level
  • Implementation of the organizational framework

The LEHPC currently supports ten Bavarian locations in their efforts to implement project measures and actions.

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Jobcenter Ansbach-Stadt

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Berchtesgadener Land

Jobcenter Berchtesgadener Land

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Jobcenter Erlangen

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Jobcenter Hof-Land

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Jobcenter München-Stadt

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Neustadt/Aisch – Bad Windsheim

Jobcenter Landkreis Neustadt a.d. Aisch – Bad Windsheim

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Jobcenter Nürnberg-Stadt

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Jobcenter Tirschenreuth

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Arbeitsagentur Weiden

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Jobcenter Neustadt-Weiden

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