Based on the German Prevention Act, federal framework recommendations (German: Landesrahmenvereinbarung Prävention (LRV)) are being developed on an ongoing basis. These will be implemented in the federal states through framework agreements. The Statewide Framework Agreement (SFA) for Disease Prevention in Bavaria was signed on June 26th, 2017 by the Bavarian health minister Melanie Huml together with the top representatives from the social insurance agencies.

The SFA is a joint agreement between the following parties:

  • Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Professional Care
  • Statutory health insurance
  • German pension insurance
  • Statutory accident insurance
  • Regional Labor Office
  • Association for Bavarian Cities and Towns

The Office for Statewide Framework Agreement for Disease Prevention in Bavaria (Office for SFA) was established in September 2017 as a result of the SFA. The group promotes measures for health promotion and disease prevention for socially disadvantaged, vulnerable target groups in hard-to-reach communities. The goal is to further improve equal opportunities for a healthy life in Bavaria.

The newly established Office for SFA is part of the Bavarian Association for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (German: Landeszentrale für Gesundheit in Bayern). The group is supported by the Federal Center for Health Education and is funded by the statutory health insurances.

The Office for SFA is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Consultation to applicants for the design of health promoting living environments
  • Provide information about funding and the grant application criteria and process
  • Acceptance of applications
  • Review applications for cross-funding opportunities
  • Support the steering committee SFA with funding decisions
  • Administration of the funding procedures
  • Support of funded projects

Interested parties can submit a grant application using a cross-funding application form.